What Are My Options

Social Dance Experience

Our social dance experience is designed to give you the perfect opportunity to learn ballroom dancing in a group setting and get ready to attend your first ballroom and latin evening. The social dance experience  taster course runs every Tuesday evening from 8:30pm – 9.30pm.

The Taster Course Costs £20.00 per person and includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour social dance classes.
  • 1 x alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink per class.
  • Mini Social after the class ends.
  • Saturday Night Evening Social Dance.

To secure your place please click on the button below to enter your details and make payment and confirm your place.

If you can’t make a Tuesday please see our Personalised Dance Experience below.

Personalised Dance Experience

The personalised dance experience is held in a more private setting between you and the teacher. These sessions can also be done solo, with a partner or in a small group (maximum of 4 people per session) and are perfect if you want the ultimate, tailor-made, dance experience. You choose the time and day, you choose what dances to learn and you choose the pace of the lesson. The personalised dance experience is 2 x 30 minute dance sessions for only £20 (Normal price £40.00)! The sessions will be booked between you and the teacher and we will contact you to arrange a time that suits you best for the 1st session.

Ultimate Dance Experience

If you want to really kick start your dancing then the ultimate dance experience is the course for you.

This course is for 4 x 1 hour private lessons. Booked at a time to suit you with your own teacher. The course can be for either solos, couples or small groups (Maximum 4 people)

In these sessions you can work on the dances you want and build up to coming to our ballroom dance social evening (included in the price). We also offer a discount to our dance classes and you only pay £2.50pp instead of the usual £10.00.

This ultimate package normally costs £140.00. But is on offer for £100.00. Please click the secure now button below to purchase this course

Week 1 – Intro Week

Get ready to meet all of your fellow class mates, your teacher and your new hobbie. We will be starting with the waltz and cha cha cha.

Week 2 – Recap and Progression

We go over what we have learnt from last week and then start to introduce new steps to get us moving around the dance floor

Week 3 – Leading and Following

This week we focus on how we lead our partner around the floor, we teach you how to spin a partner and even freestyle your own dance!

Week 4 -Getting Ready for our Social Evening

This week we are looking at the dances that we have learnt and getting ready to attend our first ballroom and latin social evening (1st Saturday of the month and included in the Social Dance Experience Price!)

Personalised tuition

Want to learn at your own pace? Focus on the dances that you want?

Enrol onto our Personalised Dance Experience to receive the benefit of private lessons.   Our personalised lessons focus on the cornerstones of our teaching philosophy.

Building Confidence

                We work on building up your confidence to be able to dance the night away. We show you what moves to do, when to do them and how.

Leading and Following

                Our dance styles are all about dancing with other people. Being able to lead a partner into all of the best dance moves or being able to follow your partner step for step will create the best dancing experience possible.


                Every move shown in the most precise detail. We get you to understand how it’s done and get you to execute every move, perfect, every time.

Want to jump straight in? Choose our Ultimate Dance Package

Upgrade your experience with us and super-charge your learning. Our Ultimate Dance Package consists of 4 hour-long private lessons and monthly socials for all dance styles.  You will receive a personalised dance experience, choose the dances that you want and learn at your own pace. (Private lessons are for 1 – 4 people.)

Learn at your own pace

                As soon as you have got it, we move onto the next thing. No pressure , relaxed and learning at your own speed.

Choose the dances that you want.

                Don’t like a certain dance? Then don’t do it. Spend more time on the dances that you enjoy.

Supercharge your learning.

As a single person, couple or small group you will always learn at a faster pace. Get the edge on your dancing skills and tailor your learning your way.

Flexible lesson bookings.

Can’t make the same time each week? Work shifts? Private lessons are booked to suit you and fit in with your busy life.

Why us?

Meet Richard and Charlie. Richard is the principal of The Right Foot and has been teaching people how to dance for over 20 years. We have refined our teaching methods to give you the best dance experience possible. Our aim is to make sure that in every lesson you feel like you have learnt something new and come back next week ready for more.

Online tutorial videos.

Want to practice the moves you have been taught. Maybe you want to get one step ahead of everyone else. We have a comprehensive list of all of the moves that we teach you so you can refresh your memory and perfect your new dance moves. Once you have completed the course we will grant you access to our video library.

Fully licenced bar and social dances.

We encourage all of our dancers to come a little early, get a drink from the bar and meet your fellow class mates. Then after all of our classes have finished we encourage you to stay around , grab a drink from the bar (if you’re not driving!) and dance the night away. We also hold monthly Saturday night socials to relax, dance and enjoy.


How do I join?

Simply click the link to secure your place. We are limiting the Social Dance Experience to 30 people. The Personalised Dance Experience can be booked to suit you please fill in the details after clicking the “secure your place” button

When can I start?

We run our taster courses every month for 4 weeks. If our course is full we will automatically place you onto our next course the following month.

How long does it last?

The Taster sessions are 1 hour long and are held on a Tuesday evening at 8:30pm.

What if I can’t make every week?

That’s no problem. We change the dance each week so you won’t miss anything. If you think that you will miss more than one week then we suggest you book the personalised dance experience instead.

I can’t make Tuesday Evenings. Can I still join?

Yes, please select our Personalised Dance Experience to arrange a time and day to suit you.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes are best. For gentlemen, please wear shoes and for Ladies a small heel or flats will be great.

I’ll be on my own is that ok?

At the moment a lot of our customers are still conscious about changing partners so we are now asking that you come with a partner.  Partners can be of the same sex. If you can’t find someone to join you then please choose our Personalised Dance Experience and book a private lesson with your own teacher.

Is there parking?

We have a small driveway that is available for a few cars but there is a free, public car park almost directly opposite the studio.

I have another question that is not on here?

Please call us on 07826516579,
Email: findit@therightfoot.me.uk